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Hibernate, GWT and the Domain Model

GWT LogoWe've been running an application for years now on the GXT --> GWT --> GWT-RPC --> Spring --> Hibernate stack. It is a very developer friendly stack that allows us to make full featured desktop applications that run in a browser. When using this stack, you have to decide what kinds of objects you want to send between the front (GWT) and the back (Spring). Until yesterday, we were using Hibernate4GWT/Gilead for this purpose but that solution has a major flaw...

JASIG CAS + Seam 3 (Guvnor) + Tomcat

CAS+Seam+DroolsI recently had to integrate the JBoss Rules Engine Management UI (Drools Guvnor) with CAS authentication, deployed on Tomcat. There were some articles about CAS integration with Seam 2 but nothing with Seam 3. Here's how I did it...

Summer 2012: France & Italy

This is the log of our European vacation to France and Italy.

A good .bash_profile (or .profile)

terminal iconI like this bash command prompt because it changes the window title of the terminal session as well. Now I won't have to look it up anymore. Goes back to the original purpose of this site I guess...

Solution: Microsoft Word always stays on top of all other windows (which I didn't want)

Office preferencesAt work I use a Windows PC. For some reason Microsoft Word windows were always staying on top of every other window. This was tolerable for a little bit, but very quickly became a real problem. I wasn't able to use a different application and view a Word document at the same time and the only way I could switch to another window was by minimizing the Word window. I finally figured out (serendipitously) how to get things to behave properly...

Dr. Apple TV or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Spending CPU Cycles on Transcoding

Apple TVI have an AppleTV that is now playing movies from a variety of sources. This is how I am able to take some of the more popular movie containers and convert (transcode) them for use with the AppleTV using OSX.

Performant is not a word

dunceI read a bunch of articles and talk to developers about software performance and the word performant comes up quite a bit. You'll hear it mentioned conversationally (in technical conversations) like I've heard that kind of sql query isn't very performant or To make this code more performant, you should do xxx. The problem is that performant is not a word. I know this is a bit silly, but it does seem to grate on me (more than it should).

A New Home A/V Receiver... does it simplify things?

Denon AVR-4310CII recently purchased a new A/V receiver, a Denon AVR-4310CI. My last receiver, an Onkyo TX-DS575, has really served us well (for 11 years) and still functions perfectly fine. I made the upgrade because I wanted to reduce cable clutter and to solve the we don't know how to turn on the teevee problem.

30 day trial: going veggie

Vegetarian LogoI've decided quite recently that I think I want to be a vegetarian. It has taken me a while to get to this point because I do not have one huge overarching reason to do it. However, I do have several small reasons that make me want to try it out...

Updated Blogstamp module for Drupal 6.x

Certified StampI finally decided to upgrade the blogstamp client for drupal to the latest 6.x branch of Drupal. It really only took me a day to do and I'm not really sure why I didn't do it like a year ago... I guess I'm just lazy. Sticking out tongue

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